Superhero-glyphs are coming!

Superhero-glyphs are coming!

Superhero-glyphs and Geek mythology

In the family “take at face value” we ask Josh Ln, american graphic designer and illustrator who had fun imagining “superhero-glyphs”. Totally influenced by geek culture, he offers us a uchronic and eccentric reinterpretation of Egyptian history.

Thus we find the Avengers, Zelda and other Ninja Turtles at the time of the pharaohs, all drawn according to the graphic beauty canons of the time. Although it is a humorous project, it could ask us about the contemporary construction of our myths.

The Egyptians had Ra, the Greeks had Zeus, and today the Americans have Superman. This idea may seem a little “coffee strong” to some, but it is very popular in the geek world of comic book fans. According to the latter, superheroes compose their own mythology. The filiation with the ancient heroes is often obvious, to the point that some characters are simple heroes or demigods recycling (Thor, Hercule…). The narrative processes of these narratives declines to infinity the adventures without the hero getting old is not without reminding the Homeric stories.

Source: John LN

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