Messaging Me

Messaging Me is a consulting firm specializing in conversational strategy. 
Their vision: to democratize the use of conversational marketing with brands, for the benefit of their customers. Whether on WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Apple Business Messages, Google Business Messages, via the RCS or even via SMS, their agnostic approach allow to perform quickly. 
They offer support throughout the process of setting up your conversational experience, provided by experts.
Their ambition is to offer clients conversational strategies in a platform-agnostic way that meet their challenges, such as increasing traffic at the point of sale, improving the open rate of marketing communications, stimulating turnover, reduce customer relationship costs, involve employees. But also to focus on the operational deployment of these in a short period of time. 
For the brand strategy, we use to put forward the idea of quick performance with the arrows, to be straight and smart, with the message icon.

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