Anahatha Raja Yoga

Anat is a hatha yoga teacher, located is Tel Aviv north. She also practices reiki as a therapist, and writes lovely poems.
I was asked to create a global visual identity for all medias support.
For the brand icon, we wanted a very personal and custom icon. We combine a shell shape, sun and a moon, rays, and a backbend pose.
The shell symbolises the inner attention. The backbend pose symbolises Anahat, the heart chakra, that unifies the body and the soul. The sun and the moon symbolise the Hatha, the balance and the harmony to attain a state of spiritual perfection.
The rays for the Raja, the king that dominates, a metaphor for the Raja yoga, to dominates conscientiously our own body, our breath and sensations.
The color palette was chosen very spontaneously regarding Anat’s passion for nature, specially sand, shells, wood, natural textures and surfaces.¬†
Some dark grey comes sometimes to enhance those natural colors, and gives the branding a touch of modernity and elegance.

Scope of work

Social Medias
Website Design
Website Development