Resto Presto

Resto Presto is a new italian restaurant located in Tel Aviv center.
This restaurant is a second version of Resto French Kitchen, I had to keep the original logotype and add an italian touch.
For this new identity, the visuals had to be urban, fresh, and young.
I have decided to create a bright and colorful visual language which would become a strong memorable accent and a great support to restaurant’s vibe.
The colors chosen for the different graphics refer to the classic italian food and the cow shapes backgrounds to the diary menus.
For the illustrations, I choose to combine hand drawn dishes, fresh veggies, wood kitchen tools, paper kraft, hand drawn font. All the elements together contribute to create an original work and make the restaurant’sĀ  identity unique.

Scope of work

Menus Design
Storefront Signage
Window Signages
Wall Print

Second project proposition

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