Olivia Franco Navon

Olivia is a doula and hypnobirthing practitioner. She provides pregnancy, birth and postpartum support. She also organises friendly mummy’s circle meetings to create a stronger community and support for the young mums after the birth.
For the logo project, I was asked to use an illustration, hand made by the talented artist Myriam Koskas. The illustration became the icon of the brand and I choose to create a sort of label circle with Olivia’s informations.
For the business card, I choose to design the layout on the vertical side to give the place the illustration deserves. The round curves of the cards also enhance the delicate belly of the pregnancy.
For the social medias visuals, we choose to use few selected colors of the original drawing as the base of the brand’s color palette, alternated with a soft and dark grey to calm the colorful atmosphere and give the global branding a modern touch.
For the different layout of the publications, we kept the idea of the round belly, the smooth curves and fonts.

Scope of work

Logotype design
Business cards design
Social medias 

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