This poster is the winner of an advertising contest for the beer “Alexander”.
Alexander is an Israeli beer company, the brand communication is focused on the quality products and the fact that the beer is a local Israeli product.
The illustration had to reflect the brand identity and authenticity.
I choose to use a surprising composition of a famous Israeli personality and to fill his silhouette with the bubbles and the foam of the beer.
The choice of David Ben Gurion is full of strategic senses and values that the brand can appropriate to herself by using it.
This position who has been shot in Tel Aviv beach, is known by everyone , it gives references to the young spirit that characterized Ben Gurion.
It symbolizes lightness, wellness and a good connection with body and nature.
David Ben Gurion is a popular figure, known and loved by everyone.

This poster reminds us genuine values of creation and Israeli manufacture and creates a sense of Israeli pride.

Scope of work